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Shiloh: The First Day - Aug/Sep 2024
Prelude to Vicksburg - Now Shipping
Sedgwick Attacks - Now Shipping
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Game Components
2 - 22x34 inch maps
1 - 15x19 inch scenario map
1 - 8.5x11 inch scenario map
1 - 11x11 inch scenario map
3 - 5/8 inch counter sheets (176 counters per sheet)
4 - 8.5x11 Player Aids
2 - 11x17 Player Aids
2 - Brigade Activation Displays
1 - Scenarios Special Rules Summary card (8.5x11)
1 - General Records Track
1 - Series Rulebook
1 - Exclusive Rulebook
1 - Scenario Rulebook
1 - Game Box (or zip bag)
2 - Six-sided Dice, one red and one white (boxed version only)

Seven Scenarios

16.1 Colonel Stuart’s Defense - This introductory (solitaire) mini-scenario portrays the desperate defense of Colonel David Stuart’s detached Union Brigade (from Sherman’s Division) who were protecting the critical Union extreme left flank.

16.2 “We are in for it now!” - This short scenario begins with the Eastern segment of the opening Rebel attack, four Confederate Brigades against two Union Brigades. Brigadier General Benjamin Prentiss’ 6th Division was the newest formation in Grant’s Army, yet they were inexplicably camped closest to the enemy. It was a desperate situation for the Union, and Prentiss had his camps overrun around 9AM. This is a good learning situation that’s well-suited for solitaire play or comparative study.

16.3 “My God, we are attacked!” - This medium scenario focuses on the Western portion of the opening Confederate attack (6 Rebel Brigades versus 4 Union Brigades of Sherman’s Division).

16.4 “No enemy nearer than Corinth” - This large scenario combines 16.2 and 16.3 and covers the majority of the opening Confederate attack. It is intended to be the main scenario in the game for those who want to recreate the opening Rebel attack without having to play the long Full Day scenario, 16.7. 

16.5 The Hornets’ Nest - This battle scenario covers the key portion of the protracted, bitter struggle for the iconic Hornets’ Nest. Sherman’s and Prentiss’ Divisions have been shattered, while Stuart’s Brigade has given way. This situation is a real slugfest as both sides go all-out for local superiority. 

16.6 Grant’s Last Stand - This mini-scenario is insightful for solitaire play and covers a segment of Grant’s potential final defense of Pittsburg Landing as he anxiously waited for Lew Wallace’s meandering 3rd Division and Buell’s Army of the Ohio to reinforce him. This is a quick solo study of what might have been.

16.7 Bloody April  - The complete first day at the battle of Shiloh.
Map Art (click on image for larger view)
Counter Sheet 1 (click on image for larger view)
Counter Sheet 2 (click on image for larger view)
Counter Sheet 3 (click on image for larger view)
We are happy to announce that Volume: 11 in the Blind Swords series will be Shiloh: The First Day designed by Steve Carey. This will be the largest game in the series with two 22x34 inch maps and 3 counter sheets. The game will also include seven scenarios, one of which is played on a small 8.5x11 inch map, 1 played on a 15x19 inch map, and 1 played on a 11x11 inch map for those who want small and quick fights.
Scenario 16.1 Map
Scenario 16.5 Map
Scenario 16.6 Map